Scientist, Engineer, STEM Profesor


Pokhara, Nepal

Greetings, my name is Rafael Baragaño, I’m a scientist, engineer, certified bilingual, generalist, Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) professor, former U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer, former U.S. Department of Defense Industrial Engineer, athlete, military-political scientist, photographer aficionado, among other things.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

All of the pictures presented in this website were taken by me, as a political refugee and scientist traveling the world, seeking to find answers to the after life from a scientific perspective during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic, in the most sacred and religious places in the world. These pictures are dedicated to all of those who died during the global covid-19 pandemic around the world. Do not be trouble, heaven is a real place, that is what I Intend to explaining, through my scientific research in this website. Godspeed.

Those who know how to live should not be afraid to die.

Rafael Baragaño
Batumi, Georgia