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  • Dharmodaya Mahachaitya
    Dharmodaya Mahachaitya

    Lumbini, Nepal. This is a Theravada Buddhism temple in the form of a stupa. In the center of the temple there is a standing large statue of Lord Buddha. There are also small statues of the Buddha in triplicates around the wall of this temple. There is also an attached museum on the premises.

  • Manang Samaj Stupa
    Manang Samaj Stupa

    Lumbini, Nepal. A chorten created by Buddhists from Manang in Northern Nepal, the Manang Samaj Stupa is known to be one of the oldest Stupas in Nepal, dating back to the birth of Gautam Buddha in 600 BC. There is a golden Buddha Statue in the middle of this building and is surrounded by colourful…

  • Dharmodaya Vihar
    Dharmodaya Vihar

    Lumbini, Nepal. This is another Theravada Buddhism small temple practically next to the Sacred Garden. It has very well crafted doors and windows in dark wood. Inside, there is a golden statue of Lord Buddha in meditative position.

  • Karma Samten Ling Monastery
    Karma Samten Ling Monastery

    Lumbini, Nepal. Made in the traditional Tibetan style of architecture, with its many paintings made with the traditional color pallet used in Tibetan monasteries, it is a beauty to be seen. It also serve as an embassy and living quarters for Tibetan Buddhist monks refuges exiled from Chinese Tibet for political reasons. So, don’t take…

  • Nepal Traditional Buddhist Association
    Nepal Traditional Buddhist Association

    Lumbini, Nepal. Nepal Vajrayana Mahavihara made in the traditional Nepali style of architecture like Bhaktapur, this temple has the traditional lions at the entrances and is made of red brick and dark wood doors, windows, and structural columns.

  • Royal Thai Monastery
    Royal Thai Monastery

    Lumbini, Nepal. This monastery is funded by the government of Thailand. It’s build in the traditional wat-style (Thai Monastery style) architecture but built in shiny white marble. The blue-roofed meditation center close by and the white temple are examples of a fine architectural style.

  • Myanmar Golden Temple
    Myanmar Golden Temple

    Lumbini, Nepal. This temple was constructed in the traditional Burmese style of architecture. When you enter the premises you need to remove your shoes and walk clockwise as if you were walking in a Buddha stupa. It’s a smaller version of the original Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

  • Unknown Temple
    Unknown Temple

    One day, while I was driving my rented scooter I took the wrong turn,got lost, and end it up in a remote location where I found a mount of dirt burring an unknown temple. Angkor’s Jungle hide many surprises like this one, I felt like Indiana Jones. So there is still a lot of work…

  • Angkor Thom Gates
    Angkor Thom Gates

    The main city of the Khmer Empire, Angkor Thom, was surrounded by water, walls and four main gates controlling direct access to the city as shown on the map above. These are three of the gates at Angkor Thom. Victory Gate (East Gate) Tonle Om (South Gate) West Gate

  • Angkor’s Museum
    Angkor’s Museum

    The museum looks empty, like it has been literally looted. The reason why is explained in detail in the video bellow. The 1000 Buddha Images Collection This is probably one of the best Buddha images exhibition in the world and the best this museum has to offer. To understand the Buddha images you need to…

  • Ta Nei
    Ta Nei

    End of 12th century Jayavarman VII Buddhist. In an isolated position to the north of Ta Keo. The main temple has four cruciform entrance gopuras in sandstone connected by galleries with walls in laterite and vaulted sandstone ceilings. inscriptions on door jambs give details of divinities to whom the temple was dedicated. Kudos to the…