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Hanoi’s Train Street “Zion Train”

As a teenager, I live in the Caribbean right in front of the beach, right in front of several surfing break points. Accompanying that surfers’ environment was the reggae music I always listen specially the one coming from my favorite musician and Rastafarian philosopher Bob Marley. When I first saw the trains at “Hanoi’s Train Street” one of Bob Marley’s song immediately came to my mind, “Zion Train”. There are practically no barriers between the trains passing by and the people close by. So, I said to myself, “Oho my, I found Bob Marley’s Zion Train in Hanoi”.

The Zion Train is suppose to take you to heaven “IF YOU ARE READY”. Like I have said in my website related to my scientific research on the afterlife you can reach a higher level of existence, what many religions call heaven, through any religion. There are many roads that lead to heaven, all are very difficult and hard to travel but the vehicle in which your gone get to reach heaven, a car, camel, horse, boat, train, etc, that is the religion. For Bob Marley’s Rastafarian religion is the Zion Train.

“The path to salvation (heaven) is as narrow, and as difficult to walk (travel), as a razor’s edge.”

Lama, The Razor’s Edge (1984) movie.

NOTE: This video is intended to be listen with Bob Marley & The Wailers, Dortmund, Uprising Tour, “Zion Train” song. Find it on YouTube, turn down this video’s volume and watch-listen the video. You’ll have to loop the song twice.