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Through out these pivotal years the soviets where regularly battling more than 200 German divisions. In contrast, the Americans and British fighting in the Mediterranean rarely confronted more than 10 German division. Germany lost over 6 million men fighting the soviets and approximately 1 million fighting on the western front. Thought the myth lives on that the united states won WWII, serious historians agree that it was the soviet union and its entire society, including its brutal dictator Joseph Stalin, that through cheer desperation and incredibly stoic heroism, forge the great narrative of WWII. The defeat of the monster German war machine.

Oliver Stone, The Untold History of the United States End Conclusion

When I was a kid I was taught at school that the western allies won WWII. Off course, that was one of the many lies I was tough in school. What truly happened is that the Soviet Red Army did the brunt of the work on the eastern front while the allies, through their strategic air command, destroyed most of the German production and supply infrastructure leaving the German troops without the necessary supplies on the eastern front to go on the offensive or hold the soviet troops from a counter offensive. They were in a war of attrition with the soviets.

T-34 Medium Tank

The T-34 medium tank was the ground weapon system that practically won WWII. They were easy to produce and deploy making them very accessible on the battlefield in quantity. In the Battle of Kursk, the biggest tank battle in the history of the world, the Germans had heavy hitter like the Tiger and the Panther V tanks, but they where slow, because they where too heavy, and required a huge amount of fuel to keep them operational. Fuel the Germans did not have, so they were siting ducks. Enter the fast and well supplied T-34 medium tank to the scene in huge quantities followed by an enormous amount of soviet troops and a barrage of heavy artillery and air support to cover them up. So that is how the T-34 medium tank won WWII.

Cold War Weapons Systems