Scientist, Engineer, STEM Profesor

The Opera House, the Farmers, the Children, the Drone, and I

Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania.

I think this is my favorite place in Tirana, Albania. Here is where I learned to use my drone and I also discovered, as a STEM professor, that children have a natural affinity for drones, they love them. I used to fly my drone low and slowly around the words #TIRANA 100, seen in the video, and children started playing around them. It was like something magical and beautiful. Drones are childrens’ magnets, small children up to the age of five years old tend to animate the drone and compare it in their minds with things similar to ferries from their story books. They think the drone is alive, you know it because they start talking to the drone as if it was a living thing. Every time I flew the drone, parents with their children started gathering around me, also seen in the video. Some children started running behind the drone, also seen in the video. The Opera House setting was one of the things I liked the most. To sit there and learn to fly my drone was a really cool experience. There was also an annual farmers’ products convention. I flown the drone over their head while they were setting up their stands and while the convention was in progress. Many interesting things happens there, It was a beautiful experience.