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Australia’s Zoo

Australia has some of the best zoos in the world given that they have to deal with a huge amount of exotic animals & birds in the Australian wilderness and at sea (the biggest coral reef in the world) that they have become the top experts in zoology and marine biology. If you want to study zoology or marine biology the top place in the world to do so is Australia. You’ll become a top expert for sure.

kangaroos in trees?

Although closely related to kangaroos and wallabies, tree kangaroos are specially adapted for living in trees. They have long, thick tails for balance, strong forelimbs and rubbery soles for better grip while climbing. They can move their feet independently, unlike ground dwelling kangaroos, which allows them to move more easily among the trees.

Amazingly, they can jump from great heights to the ground without injury. Some have been known to jump from more than 18m high.

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