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  • Mongkol Serey Pagoda, Golden Temple
    Mongkol Serey Pagoda, Golden Temple

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Golden Temple is a good example of the Southeast Asian style of Wat/Pagoda architecture with a golden twist to the exterior coating. It’s interior walls are covered with paintings of the most significant Lord Buddha’s anecdotes. I have covered this kind of Pagoda architecture before on Lumbini’s Nepal Theravada Buddha Vihara…

  • Karma Samten Ling Monastery
    Karma Samten Ling Monastery

    Lumbini, Nepal. Made in the traditional Tibetan style of architecture, with its many paintings made with the traditional color pallet used in Tibetan monasteries, it is a beauty to be seen. It also serve as an embassy and living quarters for Tibetan Buddhist monks refuges exiled from Chinese Tibet for political reasons. So, don’t take…

  • Royal Thai Monastery
    Royal Thai Monastery

    Lumbini, Nepal. This monastery is funded by the government of Thailand. It’s build in the traditional wat-style (Thai Monastery style) architecture but built in shiny white marble. The blue-roofed meditation center close by and the white temple are examples of a fine architectural style.

  • Sacred Garden
    Sacred Garden

    UNESCO World Heritage Site Lumbini, Nepal, the Birthplace of Lord Buddha has been inscribed on the world heritage list. This heritage site is of exceptional universal value which deserves protection for the benefit of humanity. The Devil and the Saint The lady in pink represent the saint, the figure in black represent the devil/mara. The…

  • Lumbini Development Trust Survey
    Lumbini Development Trust Survey

    Lumbini is a Nepali town right at the border with India and is the place where Lord Buddha was born and raced as a child in accordance with Emperor Ashoka’s pillar/edict found in the archaeological record. I arrived at Lumbini during the third mass COVID-19 wave in India and some of the Buddhist monasteries were…