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  • Templar’s Cathedral
    Templar’s Cathedral

    In my previous life times (I have had dreams of my previous reincarnations, see also My Falcons as a reference), when I served in the Knights Templar as a military architect, I had to come through these places to expand or maintain castles and fortresses along the pilgrims routes. So this Templar Cathedral looked familiar…

  • St María Cathedral, León
    St María Cathedral, León

    Santa María de Regla de León Cathedral is a Catholic church, the episcopal see of the diocese of León in the city of León, Castile and León, north-western Spain, consecrated under the name of the Virgin Mary. It was the first monument declared by the Royal Order of Spain on August 28, 1844. Initiated in the 13th…

  • St María Cathedral, Burgos
    St María Cathedral, Burgos

    Its official name is Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos. Its construction began in 1221, in the style of French Gothic architecture and is based on a Latin cross. After a hiatus of almost 200 years, it went through major embellishments of great splendor in the 15th and 16th centuries: the…

  • St María Cathedral, Logroño
    St María Cathedral, Logroño

    The Cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda is a co-cathedral located in Logroño, in La Rioja, Spain. The name “redonda” refers to the rounded shape of an earlier church on the site. It had the status of collegiate church from the 15th century when Logroño became a city. The church has two elaborately decorated…

  • St María Cathedral, Pamplona
    St María Cathedral, Pamplona

    Pamplona Cathedral (Santa María de la Asunción) is a Roman Catholic church in the archdiocese of Pamplona, Spain. The current 15th century Gothic church replaced an older Romanesque one. Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of another two earlier churches. The Neoclassical facade was designed by Ventura Rodríguez in 1783. It has a 13th-14th-century Gothic…