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Marian apparitions in which the Virgin Mary appears in person, or as a holographic image, to communicate with her follower here on earth from a planet heaven, or as Buddhist philosophy and I call it from a scientific perspective ‘Higher Level of Existence’, have a theoretical scientific explanation. From Fatima in Portugal to ‘El Tepeyac’ in Mexico (the Virgin of Guadalupe), these encounters with the Virgin Mary mother of Jesus Christ leave a trail of estrange events most commonly known by people experiencing them as miracles.

Quantum Entanglement in Communications’ is the theoretical physics name given to this events. Just imaging a subatomic particle that exist in something I will call a planet heaven (a higher level of existence for scientist, Buddhist, and Hindu people) in which the Virgin Mary resides in a galaxy far far away from planet Earth here in the Milky-way galaxy. Just imagine that in that planet heaven technology is so advance that they are able to manipulate subatomic particles as they which and do whatever they want with them. Imagine that the subatomic particle found at that planet heaven the Virgin Mary resides has a twin particle here on planet Earth and by some kind of very advanced technological process they are able to find that twin particle here, then the process of manipulating the environment around that twin particle (projecting holographic images of the Virgin Mary, drying the wet ground like it happened in Fatima, or painting the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a linen canvas like it happened in Mexico) would be a theoretical possibility. That would explain Marian apparitions from a theoretical scientific perspective.