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Jesus Christ Heaven Dream

Unsuspecting American shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch.

I had a dream in which I was walking in heaven like in an open ground park. There were many people walking in all directions but toward the direction I was heading one person was standing near by. I passed by that person and it seems to me as if I knew that person from one of my past lives here on earth, when I was a Roman officer in Judea during the Governorship of Pontius Pilate, another past lives dream I had. Then I turned around and asked him, “Are you Jesus Christ?” and he answer me “YES”. His form was human but different, as if he was translucent in some occasions or light came from inside him. Then I nob my head as a sign of respect and continued walking on my way.

Evidently he wanted me to notice him for some reason. What I still do not understand is that he just said “YES” and not “YES, I am”. About his form, in a technological advanced planet-heaven form is irrelevant because you can practically chance your form through a very advanced form of nanobiotechnology which can change your physical appearance, to whatever you like, by changing your celular structure. That bionanotechnology is controlled by a supper advanced artificial Intelligence (AI), which mimics god as a supper computer. So yes, It was Jesus Christ, I felt his presence from my past live in Judea, and he is in one of the planets-heavens as the King of King and Lord of Lord of his followers arriving there .

To clarify something very important, Jesus Christ is consider a Bodhisattva in the Buddhist tradition. Someone who delayed his own salvation, going to nirvana (the top level of existence), to save other human beings at lower levels of existence (planet-heavens or humans on planet earth).