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Petronas Towers

New Year’s Eve Celebrations 2023.

The Petronas Towers at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia may not be the tallest sky scrapers in the world, like the Burj Khalifa sky scraper, but I think they are the most beautiful of all. A marvel of engineering and architecture the inspiration for their design had to come from no other place than Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

I personally made a survey of the entire Angkor region during the Global Pandemic which you can find the highlights in the following YouTube video,

Like those great ancient architects and engineers at Angkor Wat, the Petronas Towers architects and engineers created something extraordinarily beautiful in the style and form of a modern Angkor Wat like it can be appreciated in this video. Not only they are beautiful during the day but when it lights up during the night, on special occasions like the new year’s eve celebration, is a very beautiful unique experience. You won’t see any other sky scrapers in the world doing what the Petronas Towers do.

Malaysia is a multicultural society with three main factions, Malaysian, Chinese, and Indians. They use the English language as a way to communicate between cultures. This is the first country in the world in which I have found that most of the population speaks English, at least in the capital region. All the main celebrations of all the cultures take place, like for example, new year’s eve during different calendar dates for each culture. General speaking, the educational system in South East Asia is relatively good because students take very seriously what they learn at school and give their best effort in succeeding there. The thing here is that students are given English courses at school and they have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in a society which speaks mostly English to communicate between cultures. They are practicing what they are learning at school, that’s why most of the population speaks English.