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Pokhara’s Paragliders

I spent around five months with these brave exceptional gentlemen in Pokhara, Nepal and they gave me full access to take whatever pictures and videos I wanted of them during the Global Pandemic. They remembered me the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach which you could listen the audio book on YouTube in around 45 minutes. I told them, “You guys must have such a good karma that you were born under such beautiful circumstances” here in Pokhara paragliding. I made, what I’m gone call, an “ADRENALINE” version of the Introduction video with music. Thank you very much to all the paragliders at Pokhara, Nepal, I had a great time with you guys.

Intro Video Version, No music, Hi-Res
Adrenaline – Intro Video version (With Music), low-Res
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