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Holy trinity cathedral of Tbilisi.

Like I have said before in previous videos about Tbilisi, I first came into contact with the area when I was a Knight of the Temple of Solomon better known as the Knights Templar. I was a nobleman from French Basque descent, in today’s day I’m from Spanish Basque descent, and was recruited into the military order to serve as a military-architect/siege-engineer, in today’s day I am a scientist, industrial engineer, and I have worked in the US military as a logistics quartermaster officer, and as a quality assurance engineer for the US Department of Defense testing weapons systems. I have had many dreams about this during my life time, memories from my past lives stored in the deep subconscious part of my brain.

Tbilisi has always been at the fore front of the Christian/Muslim factions wars in the Middle East. So as a Knights Templar military-architect I probably went there to help build their fortifications or reconstruct infrastructure damaged by war. I have no dreams accounts of participating in any actual combat in the area, that was not my purpose in the order.