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Street Art Alley

Mexico City, Chaotic Art in times of Darkness.

Mexico City is a very cultured city with street art of all kind all over the place, but there is a place where the young talented street artist can express themselves in the form of graffiti art and that place is call “Street Art Alley”. The paintings reflect a chaotic art that come from the youth living in a hard to live society. These paintings images where taken during the global pandemic so it must have been even more difficult times for those painting them. These young talented artist come from poor, low-income neighborhoods and they have turned those neighborhoods into tourist zones which is the case of the “Street Art Alley”. There are other places within Mexico City in which you can find even more street art but I think this is the main one.

Integration of art in STEM, or better known as STEAM, is now very important at the time of engineering designing aesthetics, ergonomic products for commercial purposes, and in architecture. More at,