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The Temple of the Standing Buddha

Wat Intharawihan, Bangkok, Thailand.

It is almost impossible to be aloud to get some drone footage in this area due to the heighten security guarding governmental buildings around the temple. So this is a very rare drone footage of the Standing Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand. I asked the Buddhist Lama in charge of the temple if I could get the drone footage, and showed him my previous drone takes from the Giant Golden Buddha at Laos, Dansaban shown here,

He was so impressed by my work at Dansaban, Laos that he granted me permission to drone the Standing Buddha not without controversy. After fifteen minutes of having my drone in the air, what appears to be Government of Thailand guards in civilian clothing surrounded me and started looking at what I was doing. One of the Buddhist monks who witness when I asked the Lama if I could take the drone footage immediately came to my rescue and talked to the security guards in their native language. What I could understand is that the monk told them about my work in Dansaban, Laos and that I had permission to take the footage from the Lama himself. They immediately backed off but they did not leave. They kept watching me.

So to be on the safe side, my video takes where all frontal. I did not take any merry-go-round video takes due to the heighten security of the governmental buildings near by. So, I had the chance to take these beautiful, rare, aerial shots of the Standing Buddha of Bangkok, Thailand.

Many thanks to the Lama and monks of the Wat Intharawihan, The Temple of the Standing Buddha, without your help this video would not have been possible. I hope you like this video very much. Thank you.