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Yerevan’s Art

This is a survey of Yerevan’s street art during the global pandemic. I have been in many cities around the world and I have seen a lot of street art during my travels but nothing like the art I surveyed on the streets of Yerevan, Armenia. The thing about the street art there is the huge quantity, and the high quality of it. Yerevan is, as far as I have been able to see around the world, the ‘Street Art Capital of the World’ as your gone be able to appreciate it in the following photos which were taken during the Global Pandemic. Integration of art in STEM, or better known as STEAM, is now very important at the time of engineering designing aesthetics, ergonomic products for commercial purposes, and in architecture.

Yerevan’s Lion

Probably one of the most popular piece of art on the streets of Yerevan and a very well known world wide.

Animal Abuse Artistic Depiction
Lovers Park
Interiors Chairs