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  • My Falcons
    My Falcons

    Caribbean Kestrel, Falco sparverius. For many years I lived my life with a pair of falcons (male/female Caribbean Kestrels) at home. Why this two decided to permanently live at my backyard and nest next to my bedroom window has an explanation that latter a Buddhist Lama explained me, but the birds were not afraid of…

  • Heavens

    During my lifetime I have been dreaming about different planets-heavens. From a Zen Buddhism perspective there are several heavens but from the scientific standpoint there is a statistical mathematical model called The Drake Equation which could explain how many advance civilizations planets are in a galaxy. In accordance with the Drake Equation there must be…

  • Dreams

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a short book about “Buddhism” written by the none Buddhist author Richard Bach. I relate my dreams to this book so that all people may better understand higher level of existence (heavens) and how they can get higher into those levels. The video above serve as a metaphor that instead of…