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My Falcons

Caribbean Kestrel, Falco sparverius.

For many years I lived my life with a pair of falcons (male/female Caribbean Kestrels) at home. Why this two decided to permanently live at my backyard and nest next to my bedroom window has an explanation that latter a Buddhist Lama explained me, but the birds were not afraid of me. In one occasion, while I was siting at an open roof terrace at home, a small garden lizard stood 5 feet from my feet, then suddenly, the reptile disappeared. I just saw a rapidly airborne moving object, that I could not identify because it was moving lighting fast, passing by my feet and the lizard disappearing. Knowing now that falcons can reach speeds of up to 210 kph no wonder I could not see the bird when he cached his prey at that velocity. I just suspected that my falcons had to mean something because they were always accompanying me, and they were not afraid of me. I suspected that they were symbols of having being of royal linage during my past lives as latter a Buddhist Lama explained me at Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal. When I arrived there, the Lama already knew about the falcons and I told him about my dreams of my past lives in the Knights Templar and serving under Jean de Arc white banner as an officer, which meant that for me to be a Knight in the Knights Templar and served under Jean of Arc white banner, in both circumstances as a military architect and siege engineer, I had to belong to a noble family. Generally speaking, a person could join the Knights Templar order but only 10% were knighted noble men, we were the officer-monks of the order under the command of the Grand Master of the Order of Solomon, the rest were the warrior monks or what was called sergeants in arms. So at the end, the mystery about my falcons was solved. Yes, they were indeed, My Falcons.

The male falcon has reddish/yellowish chest without stripes, the female has white chest with black stripes. The male is seen under the cover of a ceiba tree at time line 1:38. The trees they liked the most at my backyard, were the ceiva/kapok, royal poinciana/flamboyan, and roystonea regia/royal palm. They jumped from tree to tree preying on small garden lizards. The trees branches are seen in the video were the falcons stand.