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  • Mongkol Serey Pagoda, Golden Temple
    Mongkol Serey Pagoda, Golden Temple

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Golden Temple is a good example of the Southeast Asian style of Wat/Pagoda architecture with a golden twist to the exterior coating. It’s interior walls are covered with paintings of the most significant Lord Buddha’s anecdotes. I have covered this kind of Pagoda architecture before on Lumbini’s Nepal Theravada Buddha Vihara…

  • Pokhara’s World Peace Pagoda
    Pokhara’s World Peace Pagoda

    World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara (Enshrining The Sacred Relics of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha) The pioneer of peace Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal in 563 BC and spent 29 years of familiar life In his kingdom kapilvastu, Nepal. After his Great Renunciation at the age of 35 he attained enlightenment in Boddhagaya of…

  • Lumbini Development Trust Survey
    Lumbini Development Trust Survey

    Lumbini is a Nepali town right at the border with India and is the place where Lord Buddha was born and raced as a child in accordance with Emperor Ashoka’s pillar/edict found in the archaeological record. I arrived at Lumbini during the third mass COVID-19 wave in India and some of the Buddhist monasteries were…

  • World Peace Pagoda
    World Peace Pagoda

    Lumbini, Nepal. This Peace Pagoda has been built by Nipponzan Nyohoji Buddhist order founded by Most Venerable Nichi Dattsu Fujii of Japan through contribution of devotees in Nepal and Japan. The construction of the peace pagoda all over the world was initiated by the Most Venerable Fujii Guruji after feeling the tragic scene of atomic…