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The Chronicles of Georgia

Ones I had a dream that I was a Knight of the Order of Solomon, better known as the Knights Templar, and that I was traveling alongside a lake exactly like the one seen in this video. My role as a Knight Templar was that of a “military architect and siege engineer”, I had nothing to do with patrolling the pilgrims’ route, or engaging in combat, that was not my task. Born of noble cast, and having acquired formal education at the highest levels, I was prepared to assume that role. I traveled along the pilgrims’ routes looking at fortifications along the way, making corrections, improvements, and necessary expansions to fortresses all over the place. The country of Georgia has always been at the forefront of the war between Christians and Muslims factions, so in that regard, Tbilisi looked very familiar to me. Have you ever been in a place that you have never been but it looked very familiar to you, like if you have lived there before?

The Chronicles of Georgia tells the history of the country of Georgia founded on Orthodox Christian values and traditions, and that is what this huge monument represent.