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During my lifetime I have been dreaming about different planets-heavens. From a Zen Buddhism perspective there are several heavens but from the scientific standpoint there is a statistical mathematical model called The Drake Equation which could explain how many advance civilizations planets are in a galaxy. In accordance with the Drake Equation there must be around 10,000 advance civilization planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Just imagine the billions of galaxies visible in the known/visible universe from planet Earth. How technological advance those civilizations will depend on several factors and variables, but lets suppose that a small portion of those 10,000 civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy are technologically advance because they are ancient civilizations (they have been developing their advanced technologies through millennia) , and somehow, they have managed to avoid technological self-destruction like it is happening right now on planet earth with Climate Change and the statistical probability of Accidental Nuclear War . Then my dreams about a very technological advanced civilization, in a planet-heaven, and the possibility that they are using super advanced technology to make a place in which all kind of human suffering/pain have been erased could become a scientific hypothesis, and that kind of world could become, from a human perspective, a real planet-heaven if we are reincarnated there after we died, after all if we as humans store energy in our bodies, So as in Physics,

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form of energy to another.”

Law of Conservation of Energy

which means that we pass from one state of existence to another one. So in accordance with the scientific explanation above real heavens in the universe are a statistical-mathematical possibility-probability. Then, why am I having dreams about heaven? There are two possible explanations. The first one could be that I have been in some of those planets-heavens already and that memories about those planets-heavens are in the subconscious part of my brain and they come out while I’m sleeping. So, how I ended up here on Earth? It could be that while I was there, for some reason, I decided to come back to the human level of existence. In accordance with Buddhist philosophy and astrology there are many different types of existence like heavens, human existence (which I consider like a purgatory), animal realm, ghost realm, hell, etc. The second possibility is that somehow while I sleep I connect with those heavens through what quantum physics called Quantum Entanglement in communications. If that is the case, communications with those worlds in real time is a possibility not achievable through our terrestrial technology but achievable through those planets-heavens advanced technologies.

So basically, what is a Heaven? A Heaven is a real planet, somewhere in the immensity and vastness of the universe, populated by a very technologically advanced and ancient civilization, which is using such technology to erase all kind of suffering from their planet-heaven. The thing is that you could be reborn-reincarnated into that planet-heaven, a real place, if you have manage to safe yourself in this lifetime by erasing bad karma or cleaning yourself from your sins from your present and past lives some how.

So how do you safe yourself to go to that planet-heaven? Religions play an integral part on helping people reach planets-heavens levels of existence. So what are religions in the context of reaching a planet-heaven level of existence? Let me explain it with an allegory. Let’s call the final destination of a journey planet-heaven, let’s say that the difficult to traverse dirt roads to get to that final destination goes through different terrains features (desert/arctic/jungle) and weathers (cold/heat/humid), and let’s call the vehicle type to reach that final destination (planet-heaven) the religion. So you could traverse those difficult roads, going through difficult terrain types, and on all kind of weather types, on a horse back, on a camel back, on a mountain bike, on a motocross bike, on a 4WD, on a rally car, etc, (those are the religions) to reach your final destination called planet-heaven. The point is that no matter what religion you chose to practice or you are culturally attached,

The path to salvation is as narrow and as difficult to walk as a razor’s edge.

Book/Movie (1946, 1984) The Razor’s Edge by William Somerset Maugham

And after this introduction I can start narrating and explaining some of my dreams about Heavens.